NO THANKS. The editorial board of the Northern Star rejects concealed carry.

Students shouldn’t have to feel like they have to take the law into their own hands.

Our society implements police and other law-enforcement officers because civilians are not properly equipped with the knowledge to eradicate dangerous situations.

If the legislation passes, what are students supposed to do; sit in class with their hand on their holster in case the worst happens?

It’s an impractical solution to an admittedly hard problem to solve but lawmakers are going to have to come up with a better solution than arming more people.

It will involve the implementation of more law enforcement and security officials in high-traffic areas.

Metal detectors may need to be installed in campus buildings and obviously more money will need to be spent.

The challenge that faces lawmakers is coming up with reasonable solutions that will lower the threat of school shootings and make students feel safer in the classroom; arming students is not the solution.

We don't have the metal detectors. We do have some special forces. At Phi Beta Cons, Robert VerBruggen, generally favorably disposed to concealed carry, noted, "I wrote about the NIU shooting in the Spectator here; I'm doubtful concealed carry would have stopped that one."

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