LIFE IMITATES TOM CLANCY. Sergei Golovko faxed an intelligence estimate to Jack Ryan.
A Kremlin policy paper says international relations will be shaped by battles over energy resources, which may trigger military conflicts on Russia's borders.
Just kidding, here's the real source.
The National Security Strategy also said that Russia will seek an equal "partnership" with the United States, but named U.S. missile defense plans in Europe among top threats to the national security.
In The Bear and The Dragon, Russia obtains membership in the Atlantic Alliance just in time for the Air Force to lay waste to all manner of Chinese armor attempting to secure the Northern Resource Area. Read the book yourself to see the role of missile defense.

"The international policy in the long run will be focused on getting hold of energy sources, including in the Middle East, the Barents Sea shelf and other Arctic regions, the Caspian and Central Asia," said the strategy paper that was posted on the presidential Security Council's Web site.

"Amid competitive struggle for resources, attempts to use military force to solve emerging problems can't be excluded," it added. "The existing balance of forces near the borders of the Russian Federation and its allies can be violated."

The balance does not, at the moment, involve a United Islamic Republic, the provider of sacrificial tanks in Executive Orders.

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