BEFORE THE INTERSTATES. A reenactment of Col. Dwight Eisenhower's transcontinental convoy passed through DeKalb last Saturday. The military's troubles getting across the country inspired the Lincoln Highway Association and influenced the creation of the Interstate and Defense Highways.

When the Interstates are working properly, they're marvelous, and my Golf GL is sufficiently easy on gas and tires that the taxpayers subsidize my travels, such as the most recent trip. But what's up with Mapquest? It correctly gave the distance from home to the first night's stop, but it estimated nine hours to get there. I took ten, inclusive of under an hour of meal and coffee stops, and two quick refueling stops, and I respected the speed limits, give or take five m.p.h. On that leg, the construction wasn't too bad (why are the Reagan and the Tri-State always work zones?) and the rolling roadblocks (more common in parts of Indiana and Maryland) not a problem.

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