WHY GENERAL MOTORS CAME UNDONE. Short form: their Cadillac brand, allegedly the top of the line, either repositioned itself or defaulted to the vehicle of choice for the noveau riche or other status-seekers. To the auto reporter at the Detroit News (motto: read about it on Wednesday or Sunday), tacky is beautiful. An Escalade Platinum Hybrid, complete with all sorts of battery-draining accessories! (In its favor, it's the first hybrid to come to my attention that recognizes a truck might be used to tow a trailer, one reason Cold Spring Shops sticks with Volkswagens.) The SRX Crossover, not to be confused with an interlocking plant! The CTS Sport Wagon.
Crossovers and sport utilities have probably done more to redefine Cadillac than even the edgy CTS sedan. The new fleet bears no resemblance to your grandfather's DeVille.
Only in Detroit would that be a feature.

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