WORK IS WHAT WE DO BETWEEN MEETINGS. Where there are ten layers of management, there will probably be a lot of meetings.
[North Carolina] is 10 layers deep in some areas, meaning that a worker has nine people above him on the organizational ladder. And more than half of campus supervisors oversee three or fewer workers. [The University] should eliminate some supervisors and give more control to those who continue in those roles, the report said. Fewer management layers would lead to fewer meetings and less duplication, and could save up to $12 million annually, it said.
(Via Betsy's Page.)

I believe it was Robert Townsend who noted that the Roman Catholic Church's organization chart had only four layers between parishioner and Pope. Arguably, there are relatively few layers between student and college dean, or student and provost. The article doesn't specify where those higher layers are, which prevents me from inferring there's excess capacity in work unrelated to the core mission of the university.

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