BREAKING CURFEW WITH HORNUNG AND MCGEE? One of Senator Kennedy's sons let the whole world know that his late father was offered a position with the Packers. That wasn't a state secret: an Indiana paper found mention of the offer on the late Senator's website.

Kennedy's promise on the football field had caught the notice of Green Bay Packer Head Coach Lisle Blackbourn. "You have been very highly recommended to us by a number of coaches in your area and also by our talent scouts as a possible Pro Prospect," Blackbourn wrote to the young Right End.

Kennedy declined the offer, saying he was flattered, but that he had plans to attend law school and to 'go into another contact sport, politics'.

Mr Blackbourn soon gave way to Scooter McLean, who was gone after one season. A little-known Army and Giant assistant named Lombardi came next.

MAX! That's five hundred dollars. Next time, it's a thousand. Max ... Oh, h**l, if you find something that's worth a thousand, let me know and I'll come along. (from one of Jerry Kramer's reminiscences.)

Given the late Senator's reputation for finding a good time, perhaps he would have helped the Packers' most notorious curfew violators find that thousand-dollar outing. On the other hand, contemplating even a younger Edward Kennedy blocking Ray Nitschke is not for the faint of heart.

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