STEALTH FURLOUGHS. We received a missive from headquarters today.
President Peters, following consultation with the Operating Staff Council, Supportive Professional Staff Council, the divisional Vice Presidents, and other area representatives, has approved an extension of the 2009-10 university winter holiday closure schedule to include Monday, December 21, Tuesday, December 22, and Wednesday, December 23 as Scheduled Closure Days. This will allow for an additional three-day extension of the winter closure period resulting in a total closure period of 16 days, extending from the close of business on Friday, December 18, 2009 until operations resume on Monday, January 4, 2010. This measure is consistent with the continuing efforts of President Peters and the university community to identify operational and utility cost savings.
Scheduled Closure differs from Floating Holiday, in that employees paid on a timecard basis will not receive pay. Thus the Operating Staff Council and the Supportive Professional Staff Council have committed to small pay reductions, perhaps offset as involuntary vacation days.
December 21, 22, and 23, 2009 will be designated Scheduled Closure Days and will not be considered designated holidays for pay purposes. Accrued vacation benefits or compensatory time off (if available) will be utilized for non-instructional employees normally scheduled to work on December 21, 22, and 23; otherwise, the days may be taken without pay. Non-exempt (hourly Civil Service) employees will be required to mark their timesheets as either vacation or “deduct.” Exempt employees (salaried Civil Service, SPS, and Faculty on 12-month appointments) wishing to take the day without pay must contact Contracts, Records and Reports no later than December 11 regarding necessary paperwork. Otherwise, their benefit usage forms should be marked as vacation usage. Vacation usage recorded on time sheets and benefit usage forms will be deducted from available accruals to the extent that such accruals are sufficient to cover the three-day Scheduled Closure period. Human Resource Services will coordinate accrual deductions on a case-by-case basis if accruals are not sufficient to cover the Scheduled Closure Day period. Employees retiring January 1 will be contacted to coordinate benefit usage procedures. This policy pertains to non-negotiated employees. Any employee required or authorized to work on December 21, 22, and 23 will receive straight-time compensation.
The missive has been circulated by electronic mail. Paper copies, at some additional expense, will be forthcoming.

Headquarters has not yet designated these days as furlough days for salaried employees.

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Kerry said...


At a private university...I kind of look at people sideways when they complain about the lack of funds in comparison to state schools.

"We're limited by our tuition revenue! That's all we've got!"

Catered lunches for monthly departmental faculty meetings? "Only" a 4% merit increase this year for staff?

Let's hop back on the train to reality town, folks. I just left a place of employment that had numerous pot luck lunches and no raises for 2 years. ...and we were considered to be in great financial shape.