YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. Vermont Tiger notes the internal inconsistencies in the stimulus package.
Well, then, what was the rush to get the bill passed? Wasn't this great infusion of government cash supposed to jump-start the economy? Weren't we all supposed to get economically well because the government was now going to front the money for all these "shovel ready" projects? At the very least, weren't we going to see a sudden run on shovels?
Your mileage may vary. Lincoln Highway through DeKalb has been a work zone all summer, and you can't cross the Rock River into the North West Frontier anywhere south of the Grant Highway without encountering a work zone.
Now they tell us that the money wasn't intended to be injected into the economy like a shot of adrenaline and that all along, the government plan was to take it slow. That a lot of the money is being spent to save jobs at the state level, to include those of teachers. To reward a core constituency of the party in power, in other words.
Or to defer the layoffs until later? The Illinois legislature did not reduce its appropriation to Northern Illinois this year, but $4.5 million is from the stimulus money. We don't know if that implies a permanent reduction in the state appropriation later. But for this academic year, the President is able to claim the entire Northern Illinois University workforce as jobs saved.

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