TONIGHT'S RAILWAY READING. A puddle-jumper fit for a Queen.

London Daily Mail photograph.

The Exchequer got a bargain.

Only a toddler penetrated the tight security as he ran up the alleyway followed by his father and pressed his nose against the glass.

He was too small to reach the button to open the door. But he did win a cheery smile from the Queen.

Asked by a passenger, one security guard confirmed that the Queen – and all her attendants – had bought tickets for the journey.

A first class open return bought on the day costs £86, but the guard joked: ‘It was probably a super saver advance – and she does get a discount as an OAP, remember.’

An advance first class ticket, without the seniors’ discount, costs £44.40.

The train arrived Kings Lynn on time. The Queen cannot be late.

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