OLD ENOUGH FOR OLYMPIC GOLD, OLD ENOUGH FOR A MOLSON GOLDEN. The International Olympic Committee has chastised the Canadian women for taking a victory lap that included some underage drinking. At least nobody has officially griped about unladylike behavior. We are, after all, talking about Canadian hockey players, possibly people who know their way around power tools better than some of the tools on the committee.

My post title invokes a corollary to a Vietnam-era policy: old enough for the draft, old enough for a draft. Prosit!

RUNNING EXTRA. Give Phil Miller a Molson Golden.


Tim (Kalyr) said...

What's the legal drinking age in Canada anyway? Is it 21 (as in the US) or 18 (as in the UK)?

Anyway, as far as I know, the UK legal drinking age only applies to purchasing alcohol or drinking in a bar.

Stephen Karlson said...

As I understand, it's 19 in B.C. (whether that's provincial or to qualify for matching highway funds I don't know.) If it works like the U.S. laws, at least one player could be called out for underage possession.