DOING IT RIGHT. Professor Munger, Duke professor, not fan of Duke basketball, makes a trenchant observation.

The real story (and frequent readers here know I am no Duke fan) is that Duke, in spite of being 1/4 the size of its most frequent rivals, consistently wins, doesn't cheat, and graduates all of its players with actual college degrees in actual college subjects. Why isn't THAT the story here:

Duke University provides education to students who otherwise could never afford it, and manages to win while doing it!

That not-very-good (his assessment) Butler team is keeping the game close with the clock in single digits. And Butler's players with 8 am and 9 am classes attended them this morning.


Unknown said...

The Butler students attended class because they can ride a bike from their campus to the game venue!

Further, and more important, the Duke lads would likely also win at Scrabble, Chess, or Jeopardy.

The bonfire here on Duke's campus is still smoking slightly....

Mike Munger

Stephen Karlson said...

In light of the hazards of urban bike commuting, I wonder if the team doctor even allows the basketballers to ride their bikes.

Enjoy the festivities.

Now comes the hockey tournament. SIEVE!