THAT NEBULOUS GREATER GOOD. President Nixon indeed had something on the Russians. But Jack Bauer was able to scare a biznesman (on trial for some minor offense in New York) into confirming that the GRU, or whatever they call themselves these days, had indeed planted Natasha Fatale in CTU. (Although she has the physique of a body-builder, she's probably a little too young to be an East German marathoner born Helmut.)

But despite the Ball-Busting Woman President having ample evidence that the Russians facilitated the murder of the president of Somewherestan as a way of impeding the peace agreement, the process is more important than the truth. Never mind that when the truth comes out, the peace will be broken in ways more dramatic than whatever she's trying to avoid. Nuance begets failure.

Perhaps, however, the truth will come out. At the end of the episode, Jack Bauer skips his debriefing by hijacking a helicopter. Perhaps, given that the next hour begins at 10 am Eastern, he's going to crash Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly's morning news show, it being prudent to land on a Manhattan helipad before one of those CTU drones establishes missile lock on him. I hope the final two hours of the show will not be he and Glenn Beck diagramming the vast conspiracy behind all the episodes on that famous blackboard.

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