NO BOY PROBLEM AT HAMILTON COLLEGE. Hamilton Requires First-Year Men to Attend Presentation on Campus ‘Rape Culture’; Female Applicants Not Forewarned of Dangers of Attending Hamilton. I don't make up stuff like this, and when the presenter is touted as "a national speaker and trainer on diversity and social justice and college men's issues" it's a good bet that there's indoctrination afoot, with people who look like younger versions of me blamed for all of society's ills.
[When Hamilton is] an environment where it is no longer acceptable in any way to objectify women or define masculinity as sexual conquest, or subordinate women's intelligence, capability, and humanity, or allow issues of racism, classism, and homophobia to go unabated, then this campus will be a better place for all of us to be.
That "issues of" is almost certainly constructing a thoughtcrime.

Perhaps the administration at Hamilton would just as soon be Surf City College, even if the ratio of girls to boys approaches undefined. Surf City College still has not been overtaken by events, and the promised longer post on the unsustainability of the Surf City equilibrium is coming soon.

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