DON'T BE STUPID ABOUT BEING SMART. Our President's supporters, and more than a few of his detractors, credit him for being reflective and receptive to differing points of view. And yet, it is again possible to fly from coast to coast without ever entering the air space of a Democratic district.

Dorothy Rabinowitz suggests that preparation matters.
Whatever the outcome of today's election, this much is clear: It will be a long time before Americans ever again decide that the leadership of the nation should go to a legislator of negligible experience—with a voting record, as state and U.S. senator, consisting largely of "present," and an election platform based on glowing promises of transcendence. A platform vowing, unforgettably, to restore us—a country lost to arrogance and crimes against humanity—to a place of respect in the world.
Perspective matters.
At a Democratic fund-raiser a few weeks ago, the president noted, in explanation for the Democrats' lack of enthusiasm, that facts and science and argument aren't winning the day because "we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared." The suggestion was clear: The Democrats' growing resistance to his policies was a product of the public's lack of intellectual capacity and their fears.
And the company you keep matters.
What you probably won't hear, at least from many Democrats, is any admission that President Obama and his allies in Congress overreached by pushing a big-government agenda on a country skeptical of centralized government planning and bureaucracy and tired of excessive government spending.
And we now have a Congress in which both major parties are more in thrall to their true believers.

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