MISPLACED ENTHUSIASM. A Northern Star investigation discovered that Northern Illinois University lost money on its Independence Bowl appearance. Profit or loss, it doesn't diminish the editorial board's enthusiasm for Tuesday Night Football.

Next Tuesday evening, NIU football hosts MAC-rival Toledo, in what is one of the biggest games in program history. With ESPN coming to DeKalb to shine a national spotlight on the Huskies, it is in both the university's and football program's best interest to cancel classes for the afternoon and pack Huskie Stadium.

The idea does not come without precedent. In actuality, it's a trend mid-majors are beginning to embrace more and more when their programs are given the opportunity to be showcased on a national stage: Southern Mississippi in 2007, the University of Texas-El Paso in 2009 and, most recently, the University of Central Florida last month, to name a few notable instances.

Heck, the University of Washington is making football recess respectable among the state flagships.

The students are free to ask for a recess. So far headquarters has gone on with business as usual. That's the proper attitude.
[Washington] will be able to showcase nationally how it doesn’t give a shit about holding classes, and this will persuade thousands of the most brilliant potential applicants that they should apply to the University of Washington.
Saturday is for college football.

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