THE PROPER SENTIMENT FOR OUR TIMES. Donald Trump fires an apprentice who violated a fundamental rule.

"I've just been given some very disturbing news that [contestant] Anand [Vasudev] has been text messaging people telling them to bring in money, Anand is that true?" Trump asked.

"That is not true sir. I haven't been texting anyone regarding money, absolutely not," Anand replied.

"Well you know if you did, it's a clear violation of the rules... you're saying you didn't do it?" Trump questioned.

"I have not done that," Anand insisted.

Big mistake.

"You want me to read you a text message?" Trump fired back.

"Go right ahead, Mr. Trump," Anand said.

"Come to Trump Tower from 10AM-1PM. Bring at least $50. Pretend like you don't know me. Need you to buy a pedicab from me or one of my teammates. I'm project manager so my ass is on the line. I'm getting close to the top -- I won't have my phone with me, so just come by and pretend like we don't know each other," Trump read aloud to the seven remaining contestants.

"Pretty bad right?"

"That was bad, Mr. Trump," Anand replied.

Why did you deny it? You lied to me," Trump noted.

"I want to be at the top, I want to win, and nobody came... it was wrong and it was inappropriate but being a project manager, you want to win," Anand told Trump.

It's more than his ass on the line now.

After Anand and Trump both agreed on the fact that Anand crossed the line, Trump declared Anand fired.

"This is why the country's gotten into such trouble. This is the kind of thinking that we've been witnessing on Wall Street for the last five years -- Anand, you're fired," Trump said.

I'm informed that there was no taxi waiting for him at the door, as is usually the case with the fired contestants.

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