SIGN OF THE TIMES. The University Council receives a report on student retention.

After the University Council finished the discussion on branding, it turned its attention to a report by Kerry Freedman, University Advisory Committee representative.

There was a moment of confusion when Freedman noticed part of her report was missing. The report asked "with regards to student success, will faculty members be asked to reconsider academic standards in order to improve retention?"

The answer had somehow been deleted, but Freedman was quick to answer it.

"The answer I heard was ‘no,'" she said.

How the sentence was missing from the report is still a mystery.

"I don't know how that could have happened," said Alan Rosenbaum, executive secretary of the University Council.

[University president John] Peters made sure the sentence would be added to the record, and the meeting moved forward.

In a proper world, that question would not even have to be asked. It's encouraging that somebody noticed.

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