NO DUMPING ALLEGATIONSMexico supplies electricity to wintry Texas.
Mexico's state electricity company on Wednesday started supplying electricity to the US state of Texas, where demand shot up amid unusually cold temperatures and caused power outages.
Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission "was determined to support Texas with electrical energy faced with the problems the state is suffering due to climatological conditions," a statement said.
An energy transfer of 280 megawatts began at midday (1800 GMT) via the north Mexican border cities of Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Piedras Negras, it added.
I believe that's called a gain from trade.  I suspect the electricity could be procured more cheaply from the Mexican producers than from the Bonneville Power Authority or the Tennessee Valley Authority, or from Exelon.  Outsourcing ... what a concept.

Before the imported kilowatts arrived, there was a rhubarb involving the power supply to ... Cowboys Stadium.
Oncor is among the utility companies which are implementing rolling blackouts. Company spokeswoman Megan Wright said that public safety is crucial. “The Central Business District in Dallas has multiple high rises where there could be lots of people,” Wright explained. “If they lose power, it could be a bad safety situation.”
But there is another, unavoidable reason that Cowboys Stadium will not experience a blackout. That venue sits on multiple power grids. If one goes out, another flips on seamlessly, without any interruption to power. So, although one grid might see a blackout, the rolling outage process ensures that the stadium is always receiving power from another grid.

Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth are also on multiple, redundant power grids.
According to Oncor, businesses and residents can pay extra money to be on multiple power grids, but it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the infrastructure to be set up. And even then, technically, rolling blackouts could still be possible to those people.
After further review, the power on the field is confirmed.

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