THE INSTITUTIONS WE'VE DESTROYED.  Five college dropouts recently observed a twenty-year milestone.  Because these five dropped out of the University of Michigan after failing to deliver a basketball title, yet made a documentary that trash-talked other college basketball programs, timed to be released before Michigan, yet again, failed to qualify for benefitted from the power-conference favoritism of the national tournament, and antagonized Duke fans, they got another five minutes of fame.  Betsy's Page has the details, should you be interested. Sports pundit Jason Whitlock has the proper epitaph for the propaganda film.
The legacy of the Fab Five is that they were on the cutting edge of America’s unashamed embrace of style over substance.
He's unsparing. Read the whole thing. His conclusion comes only after he's laid out a strong case.
[Duke's] Coach K[rzyzewski] probably thought the same thing I thought watching the Fab Five play: They’re immature, arrogant, interested in playing for a coach they could ignore and incapable of putting together the consistent focus and effort necessary to win a conference championship.

Two teams consistently beat the Fab Five — Duke (4-0) and Indiana (4-2).

Let me translate that for you: Structured, disciplined, well-coached teams beat Michigan.
Yes, but the prison-yard game in which defensive inattention leads to highlight film material continues to get the teevee ratings, although it doesn't necessarily win titles.

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