CHANGE FOR ITS OWN SAKE IS NOT NECESSARILY CONSTRUCTIVE.  The Washington Monthly College Guide offers further commentary on Texas's proposed withdrawal from higher education.
[Texas governor Rick] Perry spokesman Mark Miner responded to the academics’ report: “We all have an obligation to meet the needs of Texas students, employers, taxpayers and our fast-growing economy. Resisting reform and accountability is an unsustainable recipe for mediocrity and stagnation.”

Well okay, but that doesn’t mean the reforms you guys proposed are any good. The professors aren’t resisting improvement in general; they’re just resisting the reform plans proposed by one Texas conservative think tank.

If the state is really interested in “meeting the needs of our fast-growing economy” maybe it should consider funding higher education a little more generously.
Or stop conflating productivity with degrees conferred, never mind whether the degrees have any content.

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