MAKE THE HIGH SCHOOLS DO THEIR JOB.  Some straight talk about remediation at Washington Monthly College Guide.
Universities still don’t have to provide remedial assistance. Blaming administrative costs on the need for remediation is misleading, suggesting as it does that the growth in such costs is valid. In fact, there’s no reason administrators have to manage such “help,” and there’s no indication they’re doing it well.

And let’s not talk about how remediation wasn’t necessary years ago. If students aren’t prepared for college, just don’t admit them. It’s very troublesome to suggest that somehow because high school students aren’t ready for higher education colleges will just let them in anyway and then bill all students for the costs of remediation. It’s the college’s fault they don’t run remediation programs efficiently; there’s no reason to pass the costs of that wastefulness on to students.
It's not quite sending the high schools a bill for sending Distressed Material in need of repair before it can be exposed to College Work, but perhaps it takes time to eliminate the impossible.

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