PEOPLE OUR AGE.  Bummer.  Best wishes, Pat Summitt.


Kerry said...

It's a huge bummer. My husband couldn't understand why I was upset by this. Really? I mean...I played girl's high school basketball in the late 90's. Pat Summitt was all about kicking ass. All of us thought about heading out to Tennessee...just to see if we could walk-on, or if she'd toss us out of the building during the first hour. I suspect it would be the latter, but it was a nice thought to have anyways.

Stephen Karlson said...

One of Pat's graduate assistants later coached Northern and Wisconsin. Tennessee played a game in DeKalb, in the old fieldhouse, and Northern had a one or two point lead at half. The second half was another story. A few years later Wisconsin had a second-half lead in Knoxville but couldn't hold it.

Somewhere in her autobiography is a line to the effect that average people cut corners. That's pretty apt.