General Motors's Electro-Motive Division built the locomotive that signified diesel passenger train.

Electro-Motive is under new management, but je me souviens.
The builder, now part of Caterpillar’s Progress Rail Services, says the design will boast “streamlined” styling, including a prominent, roof-level headlight for a “classic American” look. It will be capable of 125-mph operation. The company hasn’t made a final decision on a prime mover, but says it will come from Caterpillar’s designs. So don’t expect the 710 or 265H Electro-Motive designs in use on freight models.

EMD’s last passenger design was its F59PHI, a sleek 3,200-hp locomotive that serves on Amtrak corridor routes in the West, plus several commuter lines.
The Fifty-Nine is not bad looking, although it's too tall for a Talgo, Horizon, or Amfleet consist, and a little short for a Superliner or California Car rake.

Now look closely at that Burlington unit in the upper picture.  Those shadowlines on either side of the upper headlight are to suggest air intakes, and the black stripes the windows of a Zephyr power car.

Roof-level headlight, 125 mph operation, streamlining, is it too much to ask for a profile that matches the coaches that follow?  Everything old is new again ...

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