Eleven men to a side.  Eleven days for three games.  Eleven straight wins for the Packers.

That's the last of the Sprecher Generation Porter in the fridge, commemorating the brewer's twentieth anniversary.  Seems fitting to commemorate something Vince Lombardi's 1962 squad couldn't do.
This was supposed to be different.

After seven straight double-digit Thanksgiving losses, the Lions were supposed to play some competitive holiday football for once.

Instead, it was worse. Uglier.
That's the Detroit Free Press, not the usual carping from Wisconsin about the Packer defense.

Yards? Please, that’s for stat boys.
“We’re 11-0. Once you get to 11 wins, 10 wins, you can see that division championship in sight. After that, it’s homefield advantage. After that, it’s Super Bowl. Let’s win the division and then we’ll concentrate on goal No. 2,” McCarthy said.

The goals will start coming quickly now, and now the Packers have a defense to help them achieve their goals.
Look closely at that glass. There is something Lambeau and Lombardi accomplished that subsequent head coaches have not yet done.

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