Cold Spring Shops is for the heat.  The hottest garden-variety peppers (well, not my garden, the jolokias and Charleston hots haven't taken yet, although when I plant the bushes close together, I get an interesting cross I call the jalanero) are not anywhere near as pain-inducing as police-grade pepper spray (so called for its use of capsaicain compounds, not for its possible alternate use in your soup).

Linda Katehi, the chancellor at California-Davis, informs reporters that she did not authorize the use of biochemical weapons on campus protesters.
The [Sacramento] Bee writes that Katehi said "she still does not know who decided to use pepper spray and was stunned when she first saw video clips of it Friday night." She also said "she never would have approved the use of full-scale riot gear by officers sent in to remove the students and that Police Chief Annette Spicuzza was part of an emergency conference call before the incident."
Tenured Radical isn't buying it.
Our holiday season entertainment will be to see how many underlings Katehi is able to throw under the bus before she is persuaded to resign. And on a final, happier note go here to learn how to prepare Martha Stewart’s Turkey Katehi!
Neither is Ward Connerly.
The interesting thing about the Davis incident is the reaction of certain UC administrators, many of whom are spineless, politically correct individuals.  In characteristic fashion, several campus chancellors and individuals in the Office of the President have apologized and called for a system-wide study of police departments at the campuses. This is highly unfortunate, if the purpose is to scapegoat rather than to educate those departments.
Throw a few underlings under the bus, expand the Diversity Boondoggle.

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