The success of the Green Bay Packers is no accident.  A quarterback has to do more than call the plays and avoid the sack.
[Aaron] Rodgers realized 10 years ago at Butte College that it helped to understand his teammates in order to ask them to play their best.

"I was 18, just out of high school," Rodgers said. "Our center was 25 from Canada, our left tackle had been in the Army, one of my best friends on the team had been in prison - he was our free safety. I really learned the difference between leading a bunch of high schoolers - you're all about the same age - and leading guys who come from all different backgrounds."

Rodgers takes the time to educate himself on his teammates by being observant and making the effort to get to know them.
It also helps to have a director of research and development who understands the pitfalls of dizziness due to success, and the dual proposition, doom loops.  Stopping you your own fears they are!

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