Packers will begin their next season at the home of the yet-to-be-determined league champion.  Lose as many fumbles in one playoff game as in sixteen regular season games, and home field just gets you booed.


Dr. Tufte said...

Don't put too much weight on the turnovers: they were +3 and down by 3 scores. Sounds like a 50/50 game without them.

I'm sure it was no fun for you to watch, but it isn't quite the same level of incompetence as Super Bowl XXVII, where the Bills were +7 in turnovers but lost by 5 scores. That sounds like the Bills had a much better of beating the Cowboys that year than the Packers stood this year of beating the Giants.

Stephen Karlson said...

Why compare yourself with the worst? The point of going 13-1 to get homefield and the bye and resting the starters is to make sure everyone is fresh for the playoffs. In the playoffs a 50/50 game is what you expect. The level of underachievement we saw isn't sitting well in Packer Nation or in the locker room. If the returning players take an education from it, there will be another fun season to come.