Urbana emeritus political scientist Robert Weissberg contemplates the consequences of marginalizing men.
Compared to women, white men disproportionally gravitate to wealth-generating fields--business, engineering and the sciences. This predilection will be no small matter in a few decades, and universities are justifiably nervous as the pool of future rich donors shrinks vis-a-vis those who majored in French literature.
There's just enough truth to that claim to suggest higher education is alienating potential donors. Likewise, there are limits to the usefulness of "social construction" as a working hypothesis, and its misuse is a limitation that trammels inquiry.  Persuading the not yet persuaded, however, calls for careful work.
For males (and again keep in mind the non-overlap with biology), truth is discovered as follows. First, it is axiomatic that a single objective truth exists and this drives inquiry. Second, social niceties are subordinated to truth-seeking and uncivil, upsetting behaviors like sarcasm are therefore tolerable. Emotional feelings about what is right or wrong are irrelevant. Thomas Sowell once told me that he would never return to the classroom since he did not want to hear, "I feel...." Indeed, many males relish the verbal jousting and put-downs and these do not undermine personal friendship. Third, not all views are worth hearing and those wasting time will be forcefully and brusquely cut-off. Those able to marshal hard evidence prevail. In a nutshell, male truth-seeking is authoritarian.
The column gets more hyperbolic as it continues.
This depiction is, of course, an exaggeration but not by much. And this anti-male atmosphere will probably escalate as fewer and fewer males even apply. Meanwhile, those males who do attend and graduate will probably be ghettoized in such traditionally male fields as business, engineering and the sciences (and one wonders how long these majors will survive outside of major universities).
Perhaps so, although business is currently bleeding majors thanks to Corporate America's latest fads crashing the real economy, and engineering and the experimental sciences have trouble attracting U.S. natives, a development probably more attributable to the failure of elementary and secondary schools to do their work than to the depredations of the Diversity Boondoggle on campus.

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