"Be careful what you wish for" is a recent thesis nailed to Newmark's Door.  (I can't resist the Martin Luther reference, kinna hurra or not).  It's all about the folly of Utopian Wonkery, and each of the cited references is worth a visit.  The Trenchant Observation of the Day, or perhaps the Cassandra Award, goes to Victor Davis Hanson.
[F]or 30 years we have been lectured to death about global warming, the brilliant Ivy League technocrats, the genius of Keynesian borrowing, the need for multiculturalism in the White House, if only we had open borders, why lawyers and academics need to be in charge — all on the “what if” presumption that no one in his right mind would let any of the above become gospel. And so we had the constant liberal whine, “if only.…” Now we have it in the flesh, and in cathartic fashion Obama is going to purge us of that unhinged temptation for another generation.
Or not: the Permanent Republican Majority came a cropper sometime between Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terry Schiavo.  Legal pads are still relatively cheap, and with Waterloo Maple it's still easier to design worlds that cannot exist and prove the necessity of Corrective Taxation or Subsidy or Second-Best Intervention in those worlds in ways that reduce to Pithy Soundbites.

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