That's the latest Northern Illinois University tagline, part of the marketing and branding that obsesses full-time administrators who don't have classes to prepare for.  A similar tagline didn't work for the University of Houston, but something similar works for Griffith (Indiana) Middle School, with farcical results.
Students who have the misfortune to attend school here have virtually no speech rights, pursuant to vague, arbitrary anti-bullying and intimidation rules that include such cryptic provisions as a ban on "innuendos," for which they may be suspended or expelled. They are subject to rules against using or possessing profanity, pornography or obscenity that include a breathtakingly vague prohibition of "other inappropriate materials" and a ban on "using or writing derogatory written materials." I suppose they could be disciplined for reading this post, which intentionally derogates Griffith School administrators.
I wonder if there are full-time administrators in Griffith who prowl the social media for infractions by students for whom they don't have to prepare classes.

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