The longer the wait from the end of the season, the more expensive it gets to keep the football team in camp.
In 2010, Northern Illinois had to wait two weeks between its loss in the Mid-American Conference Championship game and its victory against Fresno State in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho.

This past season, the Huskies had more than a month from their MAC title win in Detroit on Dec. 2 to the GoDaddy.com Bowl victory over Arkansas State on Jan. 8 in Mobile, Ala. That also meant players had to spend more time on campus and more money on meals. 
Helping kick off Mardi Gras in the cradle of Mardi Gras might have been fun, but the bowl revenues weren't that great.  Selling wins to Big Ten teams with large alumni bases in Chicago isn't always lucrative enough.
NIU received $431,680 in total revenue from the GoDaddy.com Bowl. Total expenses were $593,238, which resulted in the loss.

The internal athletic funds used to cover the loss include revenue from the Huskies’ game against Wisconsin at Soldier Field on Sept. 17, 2011.

NIU received about $850,000 in revenue from the Solider Field contest, NIU spokeswoman Donna Turner told the Daily Chronicle on Wednesday. That number falls short of expectations of $1 million. Wisconsin was paid the first $1 million in revenue, with NIU keeping whatever revenue was left, according to the game contract.

Included in the revenue figure from the GoDaddy.com Bowl was the $400,000 payout the school received from the MAC, as well as $31,680 in ticket revenue. NIU sold 738 tickets. The school distributed 1,708 tickets, which included free tickets for students and player comps.
Headquarters is of the view that the football visibility is worth it.

Just under three months to the next season, which will begin in Chicago, with Iowa playing the role of the visiting team.

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