Yet corruption diffuses into collegiate women's basketball.

Baylor runs the table with its East German center, yet accepts sanctions for recruiting irregularities.
[Baylor coach Kim] Mulkey was stripped of two scholarships and forbidden from recruiting off campus this July. Which will hardly dissuade other coaches from employing the same tactics. What are a couple of lost scholarships and a month off the road compared with 40-0 and a national championship banner, with another one likely next season? The conclusion is that it’s entirely worth it to cheat.
Eastern Michigan displaces Toledo or Bowling Green as the power in the Mid-American, yet becomes the subject of an investigation into "tame violations".
[T]he team had regularly gone over the NCAA rule of no more than four hours per day and 20 hours per week of basketball related activities (practice, film, games).
Graduate programs generally limit students with 20 hour assistantships to nine credits per semester. Presumably basketball players take up to eighteen undergraduate credits a semester so as to graduate in four years.  The end to which some people will go -- just to win the Mid-American and become one-and-done in the national tournament.  The coach has resigned.

The previous day, Michigan's Kevin Borseth left Ann Arbor to return to the Green Bay Phoenix.

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