What lesson might the operators of name universities in the United States learn from a Benet Academy graduate discovering that Cambridge is cheaper.
In vetting colleges where she had been accepted, [Nicoletta] Knoble noticed it cost more than $50,000 a year to attend the University of California, Berkeley, and about $62,000 to attend the University of Chicago. She said generous scholarships from New York University almost tipped the balance. Syracuse University and Washington University also were among the domestic schools that accepted her.

The cost to attend Cambridge University totals £26,000 a year, which Knoble expects will translate to about $40,000 a year. Another reason it costs less to attend the University of Cambridge is the three-year undergraduate degree program, as opposed to the traditional four-year degree programs at universities in the United States.

Cost and location ultimately steered her decision to study archaeology and anthropology overseas.

“That’s partially why I started looking abroad,” Knoble said.

Not only is college in Europe cheaper for U.S. students to attend, it’s only a couple hundred dollars – as opposed to thousands of dollars – for Europeans to attend them.
Without generous financial assistance to graduate students, the article notes, Northern Illinois University might not be running a current-account surplus with the rest of the world.

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