Sounds like a pair of redball freight trains, but it's a reference to the kind of wind velocities Friday's pair of derechos achieved while making the kind of time across country an express train could make if it didn't have to stop for crew changes or 500 mile inspections.

The first one got organized in eastern Iowa and it produced some interesting looking clouds in northern Illinois.

That colorful clutter in the lower middle of the picture is a bounce-house.  Look closely and you'll see somebody hustling to mow the grass before the rain hits.  The bounce-house was well enough secured to serve at a birthday party this afternoon.  Lots of tots running around enjoying themselves.

The second one came through just after sunset.  A train's schedule is valid for twelve hours, and this second one was about ten hours behind the first.

Cold Spring Shops headquarters are somewhere under that little blue blob just west of Chicago.  Lots of lightning announcing itself, but most of that went north or south.  There was enough rain to fill the rain barrel.  The second section never got to be as big or as destructive as the first section, which, in this picture, is causing havoc at the University Diaries main base.

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