An excessively enthusiastic Packer fan nearly upstages the Queen in London's Daily Mail.
A local news video shows how when the Green Bay Packers wide receiver tossed his cleat into the stands for a young boy to keep as a memento, it was ripped out of his grasp by an over-eager female fan.

The grown woman, identified as Robyn Ereth from Neshkoro, is seen physically trying to body block the young boy as he holds on tightly to his prize but she keeps fighting until she can thwart him.
The receiver intended for the boy to receive the cleats.
Now Mr Driver himself has stepped into the debate, posting to his own Facebook page and hoping for some grassroots help.

'Had a great time at my charity softball game, but I just saw a truly disturbing video of a grown woman snatching one of my cleats from the boy I threw it to in the stands,' he wrote.

'I want to get this boy the cleats he deserves! Can you guys help me find out who he is so I can get them to him??? Thank you Packer Nation!'

He asked and he received, as a Journal Sentinel reporter Tweeted at the star saying that he confirmed the boy's name is Stephen Wagner after speaking with the family.
Here's the video.  The Wagner family hears from Mr Driver, and gets some props for not getting in the gutter with the groupies.
Through this all, Stephen and his family have been class acts. Caught up them briefly after the incident and then again later. They're not spiteful. And, of course, it'll be a generous gesture by Driver once they are able to connect.
Keep calm and carry on.

RUNNING EXTRA.  Story picked up by the I4U traffic bureau.

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