A human-interest story about an excursion train says it will "chug" through town.
The train of nine historical passenger cars from the 1940s and ’50s is being operated as part of the organization’s annual convention, the first to be held in Iowa, according to a news release from the society.

The train went on the route Sunday and is set to travel the route again Monday. These trains will operate along the historical Chicago & North Western line, once the route of the famous Union Pacific Streamliners.

The train will pass through Illinois towns including DeKalb, Dixon, Rochelle and Sterling. The train should go through the DeKalb area between noon and 1 p.m. Monday.

The National Railway Historical Society invites everyone to view the train as it passes, but it request they stay off railroad property and tracks.
General Electric's diesels might be said to chug when they're turning over at low speeds, but steam-era images are not necessarily the best publicity for today's railroads, whether of the industrial-strength raw material and intermodal variety or of the gliding-fast passenger variety.

Recommended watching location: the Rochelle Railroad Park.  The Moudy Park gazebo in downtown DeKalb might also work.

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