The Riverside and Great Northern Railway, at the workshop that built a number of miniature railroads for amusement parks and zoos, is open for business.

There was space to build tracks because The Milwaukee Road relocated its line west of Wisconsin Dells.
The [Sandleys, father and son] moved their operation to the Dells off Stand Rock Road, obtaining an abandoned La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad right of way that they were able to use as a demonstration and test track for their engines and cars.

The LC&M track was moved about 50 feet uphill and is still in use today. (When this writer visited the R&GN, an Amtrak train caused a stir when it rolled by with the Milwaukee Road's restored "Cedar Rapids" multi-windowed Skytop lounge in tow.)
On occasion that car brings up the rear of a 261 steam excursion, and perhaps visitors to the Dells will have an opportunity to witness 261's passage again, or perhaps a passage by the Coalition for Sustainable Rail's test engine.

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