University of Pennsylvania professor of religious studies Anthea Butler suggests that the producer of a video that supposedly inspired al-Qaeda facilitated attacks on several embassies deserves to be arrested. The gravamen of her argument is the usual defense of speech codes and progressive intolerance.
Clearly, the military considers the film a serious threat to national security. If the military takes it seriously, there should be consequences for putting American lives at risk.

While the First Amendment right to free expression is important, it is also important to remember that other countries and cultures do not have to understand or respect our right.
That observation comes a few sentences after "If there is anyone who values free speech, it is a tenured professor!"  Time for a history lesson.  In the Sheldon Hackney days, the University of Pennsylvania was anything but an institution that valued free speech, particularly for students.  The good news is that Penn currently has a green speech code rating.  Robert Shibley, at College Insurrection, argues that Professor Butler has likely endorsed the heckler's veto.  Follow the links there to some deeper legal arguments.  Ken at Popehat, however, gets to the heart of the matter. "American universities are at the forefront of stupid, stupid forms of censorship, as we frequently discuss here."  Yes, and if the boutique multiculturalists can make common cause with the national security obsessives, and the faculty goes along with it, it won't matter how much the high schools place lacrosse and hockey ahead of academics.

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