The General Rules of any railroad company expects employees to understand that trains run on those tracks.

Cell-phone yakking trespassers sometimes learn that the hard way.
According to the train conductor, the southbound train was traveling at about 40 mph around 5:15 p.m. as it approached the Amtrak station near the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Harbor Boulevard, when the victim was seen walking on the tracks.

The conductor began sounding the warning horn, but the victim appeared to be looking down at a cellphone and did not make any attempts to get off of the tracks, police said. The conductor said he tried to make an emergency stop, but could not get the train to stop in time.

The train was delayed at the scene for about two hours while the investigation was conducted.
The reporter has apparently confused the engineer, who applies the brakes and sounds the horn, with the conductor, who has the responsibility for filing the accident report. There has to be a better way of conducting investigations than to lay out the entire train for two hours, although in the Chicago area, the delay is often three hours.

This sad news brought to our attention by The Right Coast and we remind all neighbors of the railroads of Operation Lifesaver's safety tips.

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