City Barbs has continued to cover the investigation of the Northern Illinois University coffee fund.

It exists, and administrators have found it and claimed the funds. "University officials said the private, nonuniversity bank account, which contained about $2,100, has been closed, with the money deposited into the university’s general fund."

There's still work to do.
If the account was a private, non-university account, how is it that NIU was able to determine it was NIU money, and how did NIU close it? And if NIU knows the money from the account is NIU money, why are people being put on vacations instead of being charged with crimes?

And speaking of crimes, where is our able State’s Attorney and his much-ballyhooed (well, self-ballyhooed) anti-corruption unit?
The reference to vacations comes from a university statement.
Internal records indicate that the funds were not used for personal purpose or gain but were utilized for various departmental activities such as retirement celebrations, holiday events and similar activities. The university is examining whether the use of these funds in this manner is a violation of university policy and/or state law.

While this determination is being made, necessary administrative actions have been taken to assure the continuity of operations while the investigation is completed. These actions include placing four employees within the Materials Management Department on a maximum of 30 days paid administrative leave, staff reassignments and the empaneling of a policy review committee charged with reviewing and updating all procedures related to property control, cash receipts, recycling and the disposition of surplus materials.
It's Labor Day weekend. I expect the Northern Star to follow up its coverage when classes resume Tuesday.

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