The dean at Anonymous Community confirms that under the rubric of No Child Left Behind, No Child Gets Ahead.
The folks who teach in the Honors and [learning community] programs here have favorite stories of students who didn’t know how smart they actually were until they were seriously challenged.  Take away those serious challenges -- sacrificed to yet another year of flat budgets -- and we won’t see as many of those breakthroughs.  We might not even notice, focused as we are on raising the floor.
Indeed. The comments also note that it is precisely in the allegedly less selective, and realistically, less recognised, colleges and universities that produce most of the degrees, that giving students the opportunity to face and manage challenges has the greatest effect. The self-selected hotshots at the more famous institutions can learn from each other. Too much talent is being wasted under the patronising rubric of first-generation, non-traditional, disadvantaged, what have you is equivalent to being not up to developing a first-rate mind.

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