Northern Illinois University is close enough to the Cheddar Curtain that you'll see a fair number of Packer jerseys on game day, even if it's Bears Week.  Packer Nation Huskies didn't have a Thursday night Mid-American game competing for their attention, and it's early enough in the semester that the mad panic to finish research papers and group projects hasn't begun.

The weather in DeKalb and Chicago was dreadful at game time, but the game was on the north side of the front, at the not-yet-frozen tundra.

The outcome of the game was one to please Packer loyalists.  The Packer offense sputtered, but the special teams managed to exorcise the demons of fourth-and-26 in Philadelphia with a little fourth-and-26 trickery of their own.  More that a few casual observers might have been wondering about that touchdown pass from Tim Masthay.  He went into the locker room with a passer rating of 158.3.  Bear quarterback Jay Cutler was at 8.6 at the time.  Despite being sacked seven times, he finished the game with a 28.2 passer rating.  But his sideline deportment is again being called out by Chicago fans.

Donald Driver got to do some boot-scooting before his Lambeau Leap.  Life is good.

Time to find a bottle of Sprecher and savor the weekend.

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