With all the ills the university is subject to, a local professor of English sounds the alarm about ... The Gideons.
In other words, neither women nor the unemployed are eligible to join this Christian group. As one of the men giving out Bibles was quick to point out, the organization has a women’s auxiliary, but it remains segregated from the main association.

For some students and employees, the annual visit by the Gideons creates a cordon of privilege and discrimination around a university that strives to be egalitarian.
I suppose an Older Men's Christian Association might appear discriminatory. But on the same day this letter appeared in the university newspaper, headquarters bragged on Northern Illinois University movin' on up in the U.S. News rankings, which, to university administrators, don't matter except when they do.
Northern Illinois University offers 63 undergraduate, 78 graduate and 20 Ph.D. programs in seven colleges. NIU’s academic experience is enriched by opportunities for research, themed learning communities, internships and on-campus programs and activities that include Greek life and the University Honors Program.
Greek life ... Honors Program ... the parking stickers promote the football program ... no cordons to see here.

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