The Weather Channel proposes to help identify serious winter storms by giving them names.  They're getting some stick for naming the seventh storm "Gandolf" and some commenters are less than pleased with the choice of name for the seventeenth storm.  There aren't a lot of classical references to Q.  You could use Quirinius, a variant spelling of Cyrenius, the governor of Syria, who served when Caesar decreed that all shall be enrolled to be taxed; or you could just use Q.  In the James Bond canon, Q is the designer of gadgets, and thus a good code for a bringer of mayhem.  The Weather Channel uses a rapid transit reference.  The Broadway Express in New York, a BMT line between Coney Island and Astoria via Manhattan, is the Q Line.  That works for Weather Channel and NBC people.

It's also a missed opportunity.  In the land where the blue northers have serious consequences, Q refers to The Way of the Zephyrs.

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