A recent satisfaction survey suggests there are billions and billions disappointed with the leading hamburger joints.
McDonald’s and Hardee’s shared the bottom rankings for overall value. Jack in the Box was last in the food quality and cleanliness categories. Hardee’s was deemed to have the worst service, while Dairy Queen’s atmosphere was voted as the most lacking.
Hardee's service has had a lot to be desired for at least the past twenty years, and McDonald's has deteriorated from "Speedee Service System" to "Pick a Line and Wait, and Wait, and Wait."  They also share one musical theme with the Illinois Lottery, hardly a recommendation.

Among the leaders are two companies I have to inform myself about, Five Guys (hmm, retro-themed website) and Smashburger.  Good old A&W (yes, I know, it's part of a national chain now) also got high marks.

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