Bad enough that a California business owner contemplates relocating to Illinois.
[Freeport Mayor George] Gaulrapp says the owner of California company, Turbo Coil, saw coverage of Sensata on TV last week and called him to discuss bringing his business to town. Gaulrapp says the business could open up in the empty Sensata factory, but is also looking at other buildings as well.
The Sensata factory, and the work force, came to his attention because this relatively small establishment, which builds sensors for automobiles, is moving production to China. The majority owner of the company is Bain Capital, and much of the MSNBC commentariat have been broadcasting from the protest set up near the factory grounds.  Reverend Jackson was arrested there earlier today.

We may not have the Californian weather and climate, but we do have a decent work force, and successful professional and major college football teams on both sides of the Cheddar Curtain.

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