The investigation of the Northern Illinois University coffee fund has produced arrests.
Robert Albanese, Susan Zahm, Lawrence Murray, Kenneth Pugh, Mark Beaird and Joseph Alberti were arrested; Michael Hall, Keenon Darlinger and Keith Jackson have not been, according to NIU Police Sgt. Alan Smith.

With the exception of Albanese, all are current NIU employees. However, “the employment status of the eight current employees is under review,” according to NIU Today. Interim Controller Barbara Seldal has taken over Jackson’s duties and has also taken his place on a policy review board. Controller Jackson was put on the policy review board following the coffee fund allegations; however, he is currently charged with official misconduct, obstructing justice and violation of the State Property Control Act.

Following the announcement that charges had been filed against NIU employees, the university announced they had retained the services of J. William Roberts; Roberts will “provide additional expertise to the president and the Board of Trustees,” according to NIU Today.
I wonder if the Property Control Act will be part of this year's online ethics training.

There are nine warrants outstanding.  Look at the left sidebar of the article for the specifications, as well as downloadable copies of the warrants themselves.

Each of the individuals named has a Certificate of Completion on file for each year's ethics training program, which has been in place since around 2004.  The Ethics Act was signed into law by then-governor Rod Blagojevich.

There are no fugitives from justice.

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