It's been nearly three months since I last posted to the Fifty Book Challenge.  There is a stack of books awaiting the filing of a report, although it's unlikely we'll see the fifty this year.

Book Review No. 28 is the recent No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden.  It is that account, subject to the vetting done by the author and assorted civilian and military authorities.  It's also an instructive look at the inter-service rivalries that persist, and at the intra-service rivalries (would you believe the Pacific Coast and Atlantic Coast SEAL Teams do some things differently)?

The title of the post refers to a maxim among railroaders that Osama never heard.  If you build a hideout close to a Pakistani military facility, the Pakistani military flies helicopters nearby.  The sound of an approaching helicopter, particularly a stealthy one that sounds like it's farther away, is just more background noise.  Oops.

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