Posting has been light in view of the deadlines implied by "final examinations" and "grade posting."

We note, with sadness, the Clackamas Town Center and Sandy Hook Elementary murders.

Regular readers might recall the Clackamas Town Center as an example of contemporary transit-friendly development.

The mall is out of the picture, behind the parking deck, which serves as both a park and ride for rapid transit passengers and parking spaces for shoppers.

The thought that comfort dogs will be a help to little kids who will never see a classmate or a brother or a sister again really gets to me.

The dogs were present on campus as part of our recovery.  To the little kids in the day-care and child-development labs, they were an additional object of interest on their daily walk-abouts, and you'd see them reaching or pointing for the dogs in that endearing way of toddlers.

There's reason for more serious thinking about troubled people taking out their troubles on others.  Perhaps another day, but not now, not yet.  Condolences.

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