Destination: Freedom comments on your tax dollars at work, with a little prodding from the aviation lobby.
However, the best (worst) examples of wasted energy and transportation resources are sometimes found in aviation. Not every military move needs to be via air-lift, and certainly not every business executive making a company helicopter trip into New York from a distant outlying point could really justify such extravagance..

Most notorious of all will be the annual display of hubris and status when hundreds of “1% types” arrive at the airport nearest the Super Bowl in their private jets. When we finally get a comprehensive description of “entitlements,” such folks must be included. Their opulence is subsidized by ordinary commercial aviation travelers. A little belt-tightening would be good for all of us, rich and not-so-rich alike.
Perhaps a coalition of libertarians and egalitarians might be able to impose fiscal responsibility, something along the lines of "Do we tax the waitress at the truck-stop to make the airport more convenient for corporate junkets?"  Heck, those corporations already pay for seat licenses as a condition of use of the sky-boxes at the stadium.

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